The  letter

An update on The UnChoice campaign and educational materials from
the Elliot Institute, including evidence that most abortions are unwanted
or coerced and about other human rights abuses and risks that endanger
the rights and lives of both the unborn and women. Abortion is ...
The UnChoice 



(the unchoice) n. definition)

Most abortions are unwanted or coerced. Many are forced.


Women and girls are at risk of unwanted, coerced or forced abortions.

Homicide is the #1 killer of pregnant women.

Women also face post-abortion harm, heartbreak and higher death rates ...
mothers are dying, too.


From unwanted abortions to forbidden grief, a human rights abuse endangering both women and unborn children.

help & healing

Authentic choices
for those facing
a challenging pregnancy; hope
and healing for
those already hurt.

imageIn this Issue:

Share at State and County Fairs:
The Best Idea Since the Butter Cow!

10 Fair-Friendly Resources


 Postcards or Business-Card Sized Messages
Formatted to Print on Office-Supply Templates

Conversation Starters
T-Shirts, Buttons, Hats and Signs




Reach those who don't know what they don't know. 


An education is being able to differentiate
between what you do know and what you don't.
–Antole France


imageEvery summer, pro-life groups across the nation set up booths or tables to inform and reach out to fair-goers. For some, it's their most successful outreach of the year. They have fun and meet new friends while sharing information that many wouldn't hear otherwise. Each year, there are reports of lives saved, hearts and minds changed, plus equally significant unreported successes.

Reserving a booth at state, county or local fairs, or other summer and fall festivals can make a big difference ... all while enjoying an icy lemonade, sno-cone or funnel cake!

Many on all sides still assume abortion is about "choice." Or that it's "safer" ... as if evidence that most abortions are unwanted or coerced and traumatizing or even deadly for women, too, doesn't reflect an assault on both mother and child. Furthermore, learning about the risks before and after abortion helps deter those who push abortion on friends, family, or others. (See recommended handouts below.)


Give Fair-Goers Something Else to Take Home

imageBeyond fairway fun, give them takeaways that are more enduring than the average stuffed animal or plastic toy! For a fun way to attract people to your booth while growing your contact list, too, you can hold a prize drawing or give our Pop Quiz and draw winners from the top scores. Consider giving a book to top scorers or hold a random drawing. Collect names, mailing addresses and emails on the entry forms.

You can also start the conversation by wearing or giving away our "UnButtons," or "The UnChoice" T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. (links below) to keep the message going long after the fair!



Ready to Meet and Greet?
10 Fair-Friendly Resources to Share



The Elliot Institute offers some great conversation-starters!


We've condensed over 20 years' work into respectfully presented, evidence-backed and user-friendly resources, ideal for general audiences.

Here are some good starter pieces. Choose one or a few. The booklets can be sent to a printer or copied by hand.

  1. "What Every American Needs to Know" Series - Includes postcard, flyer, co-op plus other gender-specific or global versions

  2. Portraits of Coercion (flyer)

  3. "Forced Abortion" Series -- Forced Abortion flyer, fact sheet or 26-page Forced Abortion in America Special Report

  4. Pop Quiz  

  5. Psychological Risks (short or long-form, each with citations)
  6. Physical Risks (short or long-form, each with citations)
  7. Hard Cases: New Facts. Compassionate Answers. (booklet)
  8. Research Booklets. (4-page booklet or 16-page booklet plus other handy summaries of key abortion research.)
  9. Help/Healing Flyers and Cards. (Keep these on hand to give those already hurt or who know someone in need of healing.) Or, have a "Take One" basket of "rose" help/healing cards for people to pick up anonymously. Also, see our healing page for booklets about: a) pregnancy resources, including help fighting coercion, b) healing tips and resources, or c) tips on how to help others.
  10. Conversation Starters! Check the links below for signs, buttons, hats, mugs, T-shirts and more to draw attention or to give away as prizes.



Cards! Choose from 2 Postcards or 10 Business Card Messages Formatted to Fit Office-Supply Templates 


imageFor your convenience, some of our materials can also be printed on standard office-supply templates for business cards or postcards.


This includes 10 business cards or two postcards, plus bookmarks.

Or, as mentioned above, hand out our healing message cards, or put them in a "Take One" basket. You can print them out using your own home/business computer with templates from Avery or other popular brands sold at office supply stores. Or you can take these and other materials to a printer or quick-print shop.




Conversation Starters or Prizes

Double your impact! Wear or carry a pro-woman/pro-life message. We have many creative things you can wear and share to get people thinking and talking from a fresh perspective ... The UnChoice! 




The UnChoice button or bumper sticker can be a great conversation-starter or prize. It opens the conversation by exposing the "choice" myth. See more "The UnChoice" products here.

The broken-heart message also helps fence-sitters reconsider their "pro-woman" ambivalence about this issue. See more "heart icon" products here.





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